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8. I Don't Understand in Norwegian

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Posting in Norwegian? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Now you’ll be able to say that you don’t understand something - very important to know!


Hei, Deborah!

Veldig bra! Let me just correct some small mistakes:
Nå , jeg kan forstå lite norsk.
- Nå kan jeg forstå litt norsk.
- Since you moved “nå” to the front of the sentence, we have to move the verb as well (this can get a bit complicated, so don’t worry too much about it for now)
- lite = little; litt = a little/a bit

Stå på! Keep it up!


avatar Deborah Rossavik

Nå , jeg kan forstå lite norsk.
Tusen takk. :heart:
(Now, I can understand a little norwegian)
lol i am now writing in Norenglish , can has become kan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hei, Aly Abdel Ghaffar!

Tusen takk for komplementet!

Thanks very much for the compliment!

We’re always happy to get feedback, and extra glad when it’s such a positive contribution :)



avatar Aly Abdel Ghaffar

thank you the teacher is very good in his profession he prounnice and repeat several times, so any one can follow