Meet the Team

Team Members

Filip Ambrosius Filip AmbrosiusFilip was born in Oslo, Norway. He studied International Business and Economics at Sophia University in Japan. An avid learner of language, he speaks English, Japanese, French and Malaysian as well. Apart from studying, he works as a game developer and localization assistant at an international online company.
Nora Keryell Nora KeryellNora Poulsen Keryell was born in Oslo, Norway. She’s a native speaker of Norwegian, and also speaks French and English. Nora has taught Norwegian at Berlitz in Norway, and worked with She hosts several audio and video lessons at
Bryce Miller Bryce MillerBryce is originally from Scotland and now lives on a beautiful fjord in Western Norway. After studying IT and Scandinavian languages at the University of Edinburgh, Bryce combined his interest in both these subjects to read for a master’s in computer translation. Bryce is interested in language history, dialectical variation in Norwegian, and uses Modern Norwegian (”Nynorsk”) as his main written form. In addition to English and Norwegian, Bryce also speaks some Japanese, and is keen to pick up more. He currently works as a computer programmer in Norway, and works to help you to learn Norwegian through, no matter where you are!
Ida Saastad Ida SaastadIda was born and raised in T√łnsberg, Norway. Ida speaks Norwegian, English, and Japanese. She started studying Japanese at the University of Oslo in 2011. She went to Japan as an exchange student and later decided to transfer to a university just outside of Tokyo. Ida has now lived in Japan for two years, and she joined the team early in 2014.

Besides studying, she enjoys cooking, drawing, and traveling. She is also learning how to surf.

Anette Hansen Anette HansenAnette Yamamoto-Hansen was born in Bergen, Norway. She studied at the University of Bergen in Norway, and Ritsumeikan University in Japan and Kyung Hee University in South Korea for her master’s degrees. Her native language is Norwegian, and she also speaks business-level English and Japanese as well as conversational Korean, Spanish, and German. She enjoys learning languages, traveling, blogging, hiking, dancing, karate, and yoga.
Mai Masuda Gylseth Mai Masuda GylsethMai Masuda Gylseth was raised in Asker, Norway, and is now studying international studies at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. She is a native speaker of Norwegian and also speaks Japanese and English. Mai joined the team in May 2016. She likes traveling and getting to know different cultures, and she always brings her camera on her trips.
Trond Karelius Trond Karelius Trond Karelius was born in Mo i Rana, Norway. He is a Norwegian native speaker, with a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. Although using words is a crucial part of his day job in social work, it’s really in the evenings and weekends he turns into a language geek, translating and localizing English texts for the Norwegian market, as well as being part of the team.