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Deborah Rossavik
Deborah Rossavik
After taking the mandatory classes here in Norway. I had the basics but still wasn’t able to communicate. As I have handicaps that hinder my learning, I basically gave up. Now I have renewed hope and find myself starting to attempt to communicate and form proper sentences after only a few lessons. our lessons are fun and keep my attention. And i look forwards to my tests and my word of the day. Learning online, I can focus more than in a noisy class room.
Mange takk for lære meg hvordan til snakker Norsk.


Kevin Crisp
Kevin Crisp
This has literally revolutionized my studying of Norwegian! I have found the dialogue-based podcasts most helpful. They are spoken at natural speed, not at the “sympathetic” pace one tends to find in other dialogues recorded for Norwegian learners, and they are rich with slang and idiom, which has helped me to understand conversations with native speakers. Finally, they are mostly themed around characters that you see again and again. This context helps me remember better because I’m not just abstract phrases in a phrasebook, but ways of communicating that I feel I have witnessed firsthand. The PDFs are a great tool that help me make sure I haven’t missed anything and have understood every word. Great work, NorwegianClass101!