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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome back to Top Norwegian Words. My name is Anette and today, we are going to look at Top 25 Verbs.
1. være "to be"
Vær snill. "Be kind."
And actually, if you add så in between the two words, vær så snill, it means "please" or "be so kind". So when you want to say please, you can say - Vær så snill.
2. Like "to like"
Jeg liker bananer. "I like bananas."
Bananas are really healthy. Who doesn’t like bananas?
3. Gjøre "to do"
Gjør som foreldrene dine sier. "Do as your parents say."
4. Si "to say"
Jeg sier alltid min mening. "I always say my opinion."
Yeah, that’s important too.
5. Forklare "to explain"
Kan du forklare dette for meg? "Can you explain this to me?"
Actually, a lot of Norwegian words start with for- something, something. In this case, forklare means to for-klare, so it’s like "making things clear" or "explain".
6. Høre "to hear"
Jeg hører deg. "I hear you."
7. Gå "to go"
Jeg går fra stasjonen nå. "I go from the station now."
8. Vite "to know"
Du vet så mye! "You know so much!"
9. Ta "to take"
Jeg vil ta denne med hjem. "I want to take this home."
10. Se "to see"
Kan du se den bygningen? "Can you see that building?"
11. Komme “to come”
Jeg må komme meg ut herifra. "I need to get out of here."
12. Tenke "to think"
Jeg skal tenke litt på det. "I am going to think about it."
Yeah, after this lesson, we are going to have so much to think about, right?
13. Se "to look"
Se på den fuglen! "Look at that bird!"
14. Ville "to want"
Du vil ikke dit, vil du? "You don't want to go there, do you?"
15. Gi "to give"
Jeg skal gi han en gave. "I will give him a gift."
16. Bruke "to use"
Bruker du denne blyanten? "Are you using this pencil?"
17. Finne "to find"
Det skal han finne ut av. "He shall find out about that."
18. Gå ut "to go out"
Jeg ser de gå ut av rommet nå. "I see them going out of the building now."
19. Spørre "to ask"
Kan jeg spørre deg om noe? "Can I ask you about something?"
20. Jobbe "to work"
Jeg jobber på sykehuset. "I work at the hospital."
21. Gå inn "to enter"
Skal vi gå inn? "Shall we go inside?"
22. Føle "to feel"
Jeg føler meg ikke vel. "I don't feel so good."
23. Prøve "to try"
Kan du prøve den maten? "Can you try that food?"
24. Forlate "to leave"
Jeg forlater festen nå. "I am leaving the party now."
25. Ringe "to call"
Ring meg! "Call me!"
Ring! Ring! Ring!
Okay, guys, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for watching the video. Also, let us know what is your favorite verb. Mine would be to travel, å reise. I love to travel. So yeah, let us know and see you next time. Bye-bye!