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Lesson Transcript

Jasmine: Hi everyone! Jasmine here.
Filip: and I´m Filip. Welcome back to NorwegianPod101.com!
Jasmine: This is All About lesson 13: top 5 phrases your teacher will never teach you.
Jasmine: I'm telling you right now, this lesson is really fun.
Filip: Because we'll go over some phrases your teacher might not teach you!
Jasmine: Now we don't want you to get the wrong idea, you won't find any swear words or anything here!
Filip: Just some Norwegian phrases that are just a little too slang-y to be introduced in the classroom.
Jasmine: These are words though that you will encounter EVERY DAY in Norway.
Filip: Yeah, that common.
Jasmine: So if you're ready to learn some real Norwegian, let's get started.
Filip: The first word we'll go over is "Vent litt!"
Jasmine: "Vent Litt," or "vent," can be used as is to express the same meaning as in the English "wait!" The expressions are used exactly like how "wait!" and "wait a minute" are used in English.
Filip: Just like all the other phrases we'll go over today, tone of voice when you use this phrase is very important.
Jasmine: That's right. You could say it like this…
Filip: "Vent litt."
Jasmine: The intonation is very relaxed and simply urges (someone) to wait a bit, while (you) find (something). Or somewhere along those lines. While…
Filip: "Vent!"
Jasmine: Is more of a command. Commanding whoever you direct it at to wait.
Filip: Intonation is very important in Norwegian.
Jasmine: Our next phrase is…
Filip: "Hva skjera?"
Jasmine: Literally this translates to, "What happens?," but is even more similar to the English phrase "What's up?"
Filip: Use it when you meet friends or colleagues and you wonder what they're planning.
Jasmine: This phrase can also be used as a "What is happening here?!"-type of phrase.
Filip: That gives it a more serious or hysteric tone.
Jasmine: What's our next phrase?
Filip: "Kult."
Jasmine: "Kult" pretty much translates to "Cool!" in English
Filip: Yes, it is used exactly like in English by Norwegians. You'll hear it often as Norwegians use it for everything that's above average "nice."
Jasmine: Imagine if a friend says, "I went to see Harry Potter 7 last night," and you answer, "Cool." The conversation would be something like this…
Filip: "Jeg så Harry Potter 7 i går."
Jasmine: "Kult!"
Filip: Easy, right? It's kind of a conversation killer though so be careful.
Jasmine: Interesting. Our next phrase is…
Filip: "Seriøst!?"
Jasmine: "Seriøst!?" literally translates to, "Seriously!?"
Filip: This word has also got more or less the same usage as in English.
Jasmine: If you can't believe what you're hearing you usually respond with "Seriously!?"
Filip: "Seriøst!?" Another more slang-y version of this is "Serr!?"
Jasmine: Both expressions carry a slight hint at non-serious disbelief and should be used that way. Don't use it if you are seriously doubting what the person is saying.
Filip: What's our last phrase?
Jasmine: "Ikke sant!?"
Filip: They're going to hear this all the time!
Jasmine: I know I do!
Filip: "Ikke Sant!?" is the Norwegian way of saying; "Right!?"
Jasmine: A way too overused word. People can't seem to say enough of this word.
Filip: As with its English brother, the expression is used to lightly ask for someone's agreement on a statement or a confirmation on something.
Jasmine: A good example is, "Harry Potter's awesome, right!?"
Filip: In Norwegian, "Harry Potter er bare dødskult, ikke sant!?"
Jasmine: So I think all of these phrases are good to know.
Filip: Yeah, even if you don't use them, just knowing them for when you come across them is good enough.
Jasmine: And believe us, you'll come across them at some point.
Filip: At many points!
Jasmine: Well, that's it for this lesson! Make sure to join us next time too!
Filip: "Hade!"
Jasmine: "See ya!"